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Finding good movers in Vancouver isn’t easy. Finding great Vancouver movers is even harder. In Canada thousands of complaints against moving companies are filed every year.

Luckily there are ways of weeding out the bad companies. You want to insure you are hiring the best possible movers to help with your household move. We here at Rainforest Moving and Storage have compiled a list of questions to ask moving companies before you hire them.

1: Are you insured?

 If you are hiring a professional moving company, this should be your first question. Ask about liability insurance, cargo insurance, and whether they are covered by WCB/Work Safe. If the answer is no to any of these questions, STAY AWAY! If they are insured, ask if this is an extra charge.

2: How often does your company break items?

 With any moving company on any move there is risk of damage. All your items are being taken through the house and packed tight in a moving truck. If they tell you never, its probably a lie. A good moving team will track their damages and use that information to find ways to alleviate further damage in the future.

3: How does you company insure the least likelihood of damaged goods?

 Ask if they warp furniture. Ask if they us padding on sofas or if they simply shrink wrap them. A sofa should be padded top and bottom then shrink wrapped. Do they supply mattress bags, this answer should always be yes! How to they wrap pictures, original art, mirrors. A reputable moving company should have answers for all these questions.

4: What sort of employees work for you, where do you find them?

 A good moving company should do a background check on all employees. Look for history of criminal activity, drug use, alcohol abuse. Ask if all the employees are full time, or do they hire day labour. A good mover should have a team that works together daily, this insures a fast, efficient move.

5: Are the workers clean cut and clean, presentable?

 A professional moving team should show up clean and in matching shirts, looking fresh and ready for a big day.

6: Is your company BBB accredited?

The BBB is still very important to be a member of. Its membership insures the company you are hiring is adhering to strict professional guidelines. If they have an A+ rating, you can be sure you are hiring a good team.

7: How do you train your teams of movers?

 Every company should have a program in place that trains the movers. Basic wrapping, padding and packing of the truck are important for an efficient move. Also, for safety, each worker should be trained and shown the does and don’ts of the job.

8: Will anyone contact me after the job is done?

There should always be a policy in place to follow up on every job. This insures customer satisfaction and quality work is never compromised.