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Now that your Vancouver movers have moved you into your new home, it’s time to properly winterizing your home. Not only can winterizing save you money on the electric and gas bills, it can also help protect your home from damage caused by the extreme cold, wet conditions of a west coast winters. By following some simple steps, your home can be cozier and more protected throughout the freezing wet winter ahead. This will also help cut down on expensive repair costs down the road.

Have your heating system serviced.

This may seem obvious to some people, but by simply servicing your system you can help eliminate problems before they occur. Also, you don’t want your heating system failing in the middle of a cold winter night. Have you air ducts cleaned. Dust can settle in them during the summer and cause allergies to flair up once you finally turn back on the heat.

Look out for moisture.

The entrance used to your home can get very wet in the winter. Especially if you have lots of kids or pets running in and out tracking in mud, water, and snow. Put down matts or have towels nearby so people coming in can give the floor a wipe. Have everyone use one entrance only in the winter, this will keep the water in only one area of your newly moved into home. Water damage to floors can be costly to repair, make sure you keep that area warm by turning on a base heater.

Don’t keep your house too cold!

Don’t cheap out on heating. Keeping your home too cold can cause all kinds of problems. Especially when it comes to plumbing, don’t let that freeze! Make sure any outdoor taps are off or properly insulated, there are a number of products at your local hardware store for this.

Keep those gutters clean!

If water builds up and freezes in your gutters it could be disastrous. Have your gutters professionally cleaned and avoid having to repair or replace them in the spring.

Check for air leaks and drafts.

This can be caused from gaps in doors and windows, and also from old single pain windows. If you have old single pain windows, think about getting a window insulating kit with thermal film. Chimney flues are also a major source of cool air entering the home. Make sure chimneys are closed tight, and get weather strip to fill in gaps of windows and doors.

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