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Moving your home has long been known as a very stressful task. There’s much more to it than just hiring the right professional movers. Packing and preparing for your movers on move day is very important. In order to make your move as smooth and fast as possible, you need to be as ready as you can for your movers.

Having the right supplies prepared and on hand is the key to making your move preparations as easy and simple as possible. The people at Rainforest Moving have comprised a list of must have moving supplies for you.


1 Packing Paper: Although old newsprint may work well when packing your breakable, we recommend unprinted packing paper. Its mess free and won’t stain your hands or the items being packed.

2 Boxes: Its always best to have proper moving boxes. Try and pack with only 2 or 3 different box sizes. This makes it easier for your movers that are moving your home, to stack and pack the truck. For fragile items, crumple paper up to make a soft cushion on the bottom of boxes. This will insure a soft ride in the moving truck for your breakables. Put heavy items in small boxes to insure easier lifting and a faster move.

3 Felt Markers: Get a couple good indelible markers. Mark all the boxes with the room you want them taken to in your new home. This will insure you or your Vancouver movers know exactly where they go on moving day.

4 Packing Tape: Don’t cheap out on tape. Buy a proper packing tape from a local moving supplier. When folded onto itself, packing tape should tear easily. This makes for faster sealing of boxes and eliminates the need for a bulky, expensive tape dispenser. Also, proper packing tape won’t have a nasty odor to it like some of the dollar store brands.

5 Rent Boxes: Rainforest Moving and Storage offers eco-friendly hinged lid plastic totes. They are much easier to use than cardboard, as there is no building of the box required. Simply open the lid, pack, and close, no tape required. Rainforest Moving will deliver the boxes into your home and pick them up when they are empty at the home you have moved into.

6 Bubble Wrap: We don’t recommend bubble wrap for small breakables such as stemware or plates. Paper will do fine there. Bubble wrap is best suited for larger heavy glassware, such as crystal, or mirrors. Its also great to fold up and use around edges of heavy ornate plaster picture frames. Bubble wrap is expensive and should only be used when its really needed.

7 Plastic Wrap:  You literally cannot move a home without plastic wrap. From keeping drawers closed tight, to bundling up garden tools, carpets and loose kitchenware. Once you start using stretch wrap, you will find endless uses for it when preparing for your move.

8 Mattress Bags: Rainforest Moving has thick 8 mill. mattress bags. If you are moving yourself, get the thickest mattress bags possible. Thin bags tear when moving, this could cause unwanted dirt stains on your mattress.

9 Moving Dollies: Dollies are great for everything from boxes to furniture. Try and have at least 1 flat four-wheeled dolly and 1 two-wheel hand truck. Rainforest Moving carries at least two of each in all of our fully supplied moving trucks.

10 Moving Blankets: These can be pricey to buy. Your movers should have at least two stacks in each of their trucks. You can buy them at a moving supply store, or try renting them from a local company. Google “moving blankets for rent”, you will find a list of rental shops there.

11 PROFESSIONAL MOVERS: Lastly, hire a team of good reliable movers. Trying to move your own home can be a disaster. Movers have the right gear and knowledge to move your house safely and securely. Avoid injury and damage to you or your valued goods. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, why take the risk. Rainforest Moving and Storage hires top tear men, who value quality work and safety first.