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4 Simple Tips for a Hassle- Free Long Distance Move

Moving to a new home means a lot of stress in packing, transporting and arranging household itemsto settle into a new place. It is easier for the homeowner, to some extent, when they are just moving to the next street, or to a nearby neighborhood. But for a long distance move, the stress is even higher. Making a move without prior planning and preparation will surely make it a stressful experience. Whether it is about packing electronic items safely, or the bigger furniture, you can keep the stress at bay by hiring professional movers to serve you.Long Distance Move

As well, here are four simple tips you can use to lower the possible stress level while making a long distance move:

1. Make Moving Plans Early

One of the most common reasons for extreme frustration and stress in a move is when moving plans are made too quickly. Some homeowners who have never thought of moving to a new, better place make sudden plans fora long distance move, without enough lead time. It is better to get the long distance to move happen smoothly with enough time to plan and get things ready. Calling for professional movers one or two months prior to the planned date of the move will help to streamline the flow of tasks. Plus, last minute loss or damage can also be avoided with well made plans and careful, organized packing.

2. Get Moving Estimates from a Reputable Moving Company

Calling a professional moving company for a long distance move means that you want to choose convenience, ease, and expertise, which of course means paying for the service. As such, there is no harm in getting estimates for a move specific to your needs, before choosing a mover. You can find well known movers online and then call them for the estimate.

3. Reduce the Clutter by Discarding Unusable Stuff

A lot of things inside our homes gets rarely used and is just stored in some forgotten corner. When moving to your new home, it is actually a good idea to decide which belongings should be taken along and which ones should be sold, given away or tossed. Getting rid of the unused stuff will also lower the moving service cost, as there will be less to transport.

4. Creating Labels for Moving Boxes

When packing stuff in moving boxes, it is a smart idea to label the box, detailing which items are packed into it, as well as which room it should be placed in when it is unloaded at the new home. This helps in managing these boxes during the move, making it easier for the movers to quickly know where they go. Plus, the homeowner will be able to find belongings easily after the move. It also saves time and effort when the household stuff is being unpacked.