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With months of planning, your moving day is coming up quick! You are almost ready for the big move day, but what to do with all that extra clutter in your house? Well, now is the time to have your ultimate yard sale in order to get rid of all those unwanted items before moving day.



Check with your city hall to make sure what requirements you need before you plan your moving sale. Check for any special requirements or limitations in your city or municipality.

Sales Station

Have a clearly marked area where people know where to pay for items and have a cash float ready with proper change.

Get Some Help

Got kids? Now’s your chance to put them to work. Friends and family are also great to call on for help. Customers hate to wait to buy things, make sure someone is always manning the sales station.

Price list and Inventory

Gather together all the items you are going to sell. Make a list of all the items you are selling and the price that you will be asking for them. If you’re unsure of pricing, go online to your local used sale sites and see what people are asking for similar items. Your getting closer to your moving day sale!


Facebook, Craigslist, kijiji, neighbors, friends, family, the list is limitless. You shouldn’t have to pay for this sort of advertising. There many ways to get the word out for your move day sale without spending lots of money. Recreation centers are also great places to post flyers, the more signs and places you advertise and promote, the better your moving sale will be.

Neatness Counts

Make sure your sale area is neat and tidy. Mow the lawn, if its muddy put some plywood down. Have a popup tent ready if your expecting Vancouver, Lower mainland rain. If you don’t have a popup tent, borrow one. The trick is not to spend any money when having your move day sale. This is to de-clutter your home and put some extra cash in your pocket.

Clean and fix any items that are in bad shape, a little elbow grease will put more money in your pocket.

Organize all the items for sale. You will sell more if items are neatly placed and prices are clearly marked. Don’t get too greedy on pricing, these are items you don’t want and would otherwise be throwing away. The more items you sell, the less cleanup required at the end of the moving sale.

Make it a Party!

Put up some balloons, play some music, get people excited, this will increase sales and you will have fun doing it!

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